Is Seville safe? Yes, Seville is the safest visit I know!

Seville is probably one of the safest cities I have ever been too. Crime rate is low and since I’ve been going there (since before I was born) I have never felt unsafe or encountered pickpockets or any of the other typical tourist problem. This includes all hours of the day. Wether it is daytime or in the middle of the night, I have never felt unsafe in Seville. Besides my personal experience… Official crime rates are also very low.

What is the crime rate in Seville?

When I would judge the crime rates in Seville (center) I would guess the city has a crime rate of 0.00! In the last thirty years of going there, including living there for more than 6 months, I have not had any strange encounters or felt fearful even once. And apperently I am not the only one. Take a look at this poll from Numbeo. Almost everybody who got asked, ranked Seville as not dangerous and very safe. Numbeo gives Seville a score of 69 on their safety-index. If I could give a score I would give this city a 99,9.

Obviously it is always smarter to stay on the bigger streets, but even if you would wander off into the smaller streets or one of the many alleyways in the city (center), your biggest concern should be to not get lost. These small streets can be a bit tricky to navigate from time to time. But don’t worry… Every one will be able to show you the general direction to the cathedral or city hall. From here anyone should be able to find their way home.

Is Seville safe to travel alone? Absolutely!

If you are looking to visit the city on your own… Don’t hesitate for a minute. The people of Sevilla are friendly, always open to help and the city itself is very very safe. That is why on several occasions I traveled to Seville alone.

The worst thing that has happened to me when I traveled to Seville alone? I met a lot of new friends and discovered the city with real locals. Many of these “strangers” are still friends today.

How safe is Seville at night?

But is Seville also safe by night? Absolutely! In the many years of traveling to Seville, going to a party has been on the menu more than once. As Seville still is somewhat of a small city, I would always go home by foot. Not once did I experience anything scary. So, by my personal experience, Seville is also very safe at night!

So if you are looking to have a good time, or you feel like having a night time stroll, don’t hesitate to do so! I have been to a lot of Spanish (and other European, (South-)American and Asian) cities and I have never felt as safe as I feel in Seville. This is probably one of the many reasons why everybody who visits Seville, falls in love and dreams of returning.

Is there anything to watch out for in Seville?

Because I feel so safe in Seville, I am very tempted to answer “NO!” to this question. However there are two things I would watch out for.

The first thing to watch out for is pickpockets. Although I have never encountered, seen or even heard of pickpockets in Seville, I would always recommend you watch out for this. This would be my advice in every mayor city in Europe. But again, I have been going to Seville almost every year for the last thirty years and have never (ever) experienced any thing of the sort. So be vigilant, but don’t worry too much about it.

The second thing to watch out for is a bit more specific to Seville. You should watch out for the “Gitano” (=Gipsy) woman who offer all sorts of flowers and other useless gifts. Although the gifts seem free at first, they obviously aren’t. When you accept them the woman will ask, beg and plead for some kind of payment. Like many scammers around the world, they are hard to get rid of once you accepted their gift. The easy solution? Say no thank you and move on with your day. This scam is as clear as the sun on a sunny day! 🙂

By the way… It goes without saying that these Gipsy women are also not really able to predict your future by reading your palm. Like danger in Seville, their magical power is usually also inexistent.

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