7 random things to know before you visit Seville!

Watch out for the only (very small) scam I know in the city of Seville. Don’t accept the little branches, the Gitano women give you and you will be just fine. Also, be aware that religion is a very big part of the life in Seville. So, be aware and adapt! When you visit Seville, you should also know the dance “Sevillana”. There are two very important weeks in Seville; The “Semana Santa” and “Feria de Abril”. And, finally don’t forget, there are two big teams in Seville; Sevilla FC and Real Betis. The city is divided into these two teams.

What to do in Seville when it Rains? 5 Non Obvious Options!

Obviously you can go see the cathedral and “La Giralda”, eat and drink something in a local bar and see a flamenco show. But here are 5 non obvious options you could try: 1. Go to one of the many museums around Seville. 2. If however you are not a big art lover, you could try out the amazing spa that is called “Aire Ancient Baths” and wait out the rain while you enjoy and relax. 3. You could take a mini shopping trip to “Centro Commercial in Torre de Sevilla”, which is by foot only a 15 minute walk from the center. 4. Go to “Mercado de Triana”, an indoor fish/meat/fruit/veggies market. 5. Go to the “Acuario de Sevilla” aka the aquarium of Seville.