What to do in Seville when it Rains? 5 Non Obvious Options!

The climate in Seville is usually very dry and sunny, compared to a lot of other European countries. Nonetheless, once in a while it will rain in Seville. unfortunately, if it rains, it can sometimes pour in Seville. Although the rain usually doesn’t stick around for long, the question remains: What to do in Seville when it rains?

Obviously you can go see the cathedral and “La Giralda”, eat and drink something in a local bar and see a flamenco show. But here are 5 non obvious options you could try: 1. Go to one of the many museums around Seville. 2. If however you are not a big art lover, you could try out the amazing spa that is called “Aire Ancient Baths” and wait out the rain while you enjoy and relax. 3. You could take a mini shopping trip to “Centro Commercial in Torre de Sevilla”, which is by foot only a 15 minute walk from the center. 4. Go to “Mercado de Triana”, an indoor fish/meat/fruit/veggies market. 5. Go to the “Acuario de Sevilla” aka the aquarium of Seville.

Read on to get more informations about these non obvious options you could do when it rains in Seville.

#1 Museums across Seville

Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo.

Ok museums might be a bit obvious, but at least it’s better than recommending going to a bar or restaurant. And, there are some amazing museums in Seville. Three of my favorite museums are Museo de Bellas Artes (fine arts), Museo de Baile Flamenco (flamenco museum) and Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (Contemprorary arts).

Both the art pieces in the fine arts museum and the building in which they are housed, are a sight for sore eyes. You’ll find a huge collection from the Golden Age of Seville. It is definitely worth it if you enjoy painters and paintings. If the more traditional museums with historical paintings are not your cup of tea, try out the Flamenco museum or the modern arts museum. At the Flamenco museum you will get to know the whole history of this colorful dance, see paintings and drawings and see a performance. A third good option is the contemporary arts museum. It is also housed in a very special building, as you can see on the picture beneath, and it has amazing art pieces.

If you would like to know more about these (and many other) museums, read about it in our coming blogposts.

Adress in chronological order: Plaza del Museo 9, Calle Manuel Rojas Marcos 3 and Avenida Américo Vespucio 2.

#2 Aire Ancient Baths

This spa is perfect to relax on both a rainy and a sunny day. When you enter you can change into your bathing suit. Except for that, you don’t have to bring anything. You get slippers, robes and towels. When entering the spa you get welcomed with a nice cup of tea, before entering into the pool area with all different kinds of pools. Start of with a hot pool and mix it up with a cold pool, to get your blood flowing. This sensation feels amazing and is very healthy for your body. Go downstairs and find a quiet salted pool, steam baths and saunas. To add a special touch to your day, you can book different massages and if the weather allows it, go upstairs and bathe with a beautiful view over Seville. This is the perfect day to relax and enjoy yourself in peace and quiet.

Adress: Aire 15

#3 Centro Commercial in Torre De Sevilla

If you don’t feel like walking true the rain, why don’t you go shopping for a day? There are several malls located around Seville. The “Centro Comercial in Torre Sevilla” (aka Torre Pelli aka Torre Cajasol) is the closest one. It is also the newest and most beautiful one. To find this mall is very easy. There are two structure towering over the city of Seville, the Cathedral and this tower (so everybody knows how to get to this mall).

On a side note: The towering over the city of the Centro Comercial is not to the liking of everybody, as it de-emphasis the importance of the cathedral. This mentality is a clear sign of how proud Seville still is and yes, how important religion still is in the culture of Seville. At all times respect the traditions of this beautiful city. Dress, behave and act accordingly. Read more about this topic in our next blog.

Adress: Calle Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada 2

#4 Mercado de Triana

When you cross the river, you walk into the Barrio that is called Triana. As the name suggests, the Mercado de Triana is located here. Right at the end of the bridge that’s called “Puenta de Isabel 2”, the bridge of Isabel the second.

This mercado is definitely not the biggest indoor market you will ever see, but it sure has some history. The first official documents date back to 1823. It is also just a really nice place to spend some time indoors and still have a taste of local traditions in Seville. Just walk around, taste some local foods. They have a big variety of foods there, ranging from fish/meats, to fruits and ready to eat dishes. Check out the map underneath to get a feel for what it is like.

If you want to know more about the Mercado de Triana and its history, read about it in our upcoming posts.

Map of Mercado de Triana

Adress: Plaza del Altozano, 14,

#5 Aquarium of Seville

Something not a lot of people pay attention to is the beautiful aquarium of Seville. They have an enormous amount of different species, ranging from really special jellyfish, to turtles, to sharks, to any other kind of fish you can imagine. On rainy days, where there is not a lot to do in Seville, head over to the aquarium and enjoy some sea-life. Getting to the aquarium is really simple. You follow the river south and eventually you’ll reach it.

Adress: Muelle de las Delicias, s/n

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