Visit Seville in 2 days. The perfect itinerary!

View of the river “El Guadalquivir” and the “Torre del Oro” on its bank.

How to visit Seville in 2 days is a difficult question, as there are so many things to do. But of course we understand that not everyone has a full week (or two) to spend in Seville.

When you visit Seville in 2 days, make sure you go to the cathedral and climb up “La Giralda”. Afterwards walk to the gardens of “Real Alcazar” (only 100 meters away). Then go eat something in “Calle Rodrigo Caro”. For a quick, traditional meal “Bodega Santa Cruz” is amazing. You could also take a stroll through “Barrio Santa Cruz” where you will definitely find amazing places to eat. Make sure you also visit the famous bullring, “Torre del Oro” and “Plaza de España”, which are all virtually next to the river (in that order).

Of course Seville has a lot more to offer, so scroll down and read the perfect itinerary for a 2 day visit to Seville.

Day 1


To start your day go to the center of Seville. As often in old European cities, the cathedral is the central point. So to start head over to the cathedral. If you haven’t had breakfast at the place you are staying, around the cathedral there are tons of bars/restaurants to eat. Pick one, because most of them will offer the same kind of breakfast. The breakfast people from Seville usually eat are “tostadas con marmelada, aceite y tomate or jamon”, which are simple toasts with jam, olive oil and tomatoes. My personal favorite is the toast with olive oil and tomatoes, with a coffee or a juice. It is light, delicious and includes your morning coffee. This simple breakfast will costs you around €5.

The cathedral and La Giralda

La Giralda.

You’re at the cathedral already, which is the perfect first stop for your tour around the city. If you are early enough, the waiting line for the entrance won’t be too long. Once inside, make sure you enter with respect, because for people of Seville (and even Spain), this cathedral is still very important. Walk through the cathedral to see all the amazing artwork. Make sure you pay attention to all detailed finishing, for example on the beautiful ceiling. Also don’t miss out on the grave of Christopher Columbus. He was buried there. When you walk through the cathedral, you’ll see that there are a lot of side hallways and rooms. Go in all of them, to discover some hidden and beautiful halls and meeting/ball rooms.

When you’ve seen all of the cathedral, make you’re way to the entrance of “La Giralda” (which is inside of the cathedral). You can climb all the way up this former muslim minaret. Come prepared though, because it is a big climb. But don’t worry, everybody makes it up there. You should definitely climb it too, because the view is amazing. From the top of the “Giralda” you can see all of Seville center and the surrounding barrios. Also, try to spot the “Real Maestranza” (the bullring) from up there. It’s on the planning for your weekendtrip.

Real Maestranza de Sevilla, surrounded by buildings.

Gardens of Real Alcazar and Barrio Santa Cruz

After you’ve visited the cathedral and climbed La Giralda, head over to the gardens of Real Alcazar. The entrance is only 100 meters away. Enjoy the tranquility and beauty, discover the hidden parts and the maze and for some, discover where all the different Game of Thrones scenes were filmed. Inside these gardens you might recognize the kingdom of Dorne, as these scenes were filmed there.

Inside the Real Alacazar.

By now you are probably pretty hungry and ready to dig into some amazing Spanish food. Connected to the cathedral, with a square, is a very nice street to look for something to eat. It is called “calle Rodrigo Caro”. For a quick and very traditional meal “Bodega Santa Cruz” is amazing. Do not forget to order the “Pringa”, a delicious, typical tapa of Seville. It’s a small bun filled with two types of meat. I usually order two of them, before I look for other tapas. If you like, you could also take a stroll through the “Barrio”, which is called “Santa Cruz”. It’s filled with little restaurants and you’ll definitely stumble upon one you’ll love. If you need more inspiration about where to eat, head over to “Top 10 best tapas bars in Seville”.

Torre del Oro and Plaza de España

When you come from the cathedral and you ate all the tapas you can eat, make your way to the riverside. There you will find the Torre del Oro. In two ways it is believed that this tower got its name. The first way is that it is know that long ago the tower was used to store gold in it. Therefore people started to call it the tower of gold. Another reason is that when you look at the water next to the tower, at the right time, you see gold lying on the bottom of the river. Don’t dive in the water to get your cut too fast though. There has never been found any gold. It’s only the reflection of the sun on the tower, and in turn on the water.

Torre del Oro by night. Can you see the gold?

From the Torre del Oro, keep following the river southwards and make your way to Plaza de España. This is a must-see when you visit Seville, no matter how long you are there. It is the most touristic place of all of Seville. When you get there you will definitely understand why. If you want to see know more about the history and/or see more pictures, check out our post “Visit Seville: Top 9 Things to do and Must See Attractions”

Plaza de España.

Las Setas for a night time view of Seville

As night falls, make your way to “Las Setas de Sevilla”. Depending on what time you get there, go eat something first, or climb the structure to have an amazing view of the city. I always recommend going by night, because then the city is beautifully lit up and the big packs of tourists are gone. Obviously it’s up to you though. The entrance to go up the wooden structure is to the left of it. First you go down a set of stairs and then straight in front of you you’ll see the cash register.

Las Setas de Sevilla by night.

Dinner and drinks

After (or before) you’ve seen the beautiful view, head down to go drink and/or eat something. Right underneath the Setas there are several bars, which have great ambiance thanks to there central location. To eat you could just go to the right side of the structure. There you can find several restaurants. I really like “Cervecería La Sureña” if I’m really hungry, want to eat cheap and very tasty food. Another very good and close by option is “Bar Alfalfa”. This is a really traditional bar very close to Las Setas. If you want to get a drink after diner, before heading to bed, in the “Alfalfa” region there are plenty of bars to enjoy a good beer, gin and tonics or other drinks.

Day 2

Bull ring tour

Eat your breakfast in the same way as you did on your first day. You can head over to the cathedral again, because their are plenty of restaurants to eat a nice breakfast. Don’t wait too long though, because for your first stop you should go early.

Entrance of the Real Maestranza de Sevilla.

The bull ring, which is called the Real Maestranza de Sevilla is the biggest bull ring in all of Spain, and should definitely be on your itinerary. You should never go to a real bull fight before taking the tour of the Maestranza, because you will never be able to understand the traditions, the history and what everything means. You can not judge without having any knowledge about it. To take the tour, go to the arena at around 9am/10am to make sure there is not a big waiting line yet. If you go early enough, normally you shouldn’t have to wait longer than 10 minutes. During the tour you will get to know everything about the ancient history, the work for the bullfighters, the respect for the animals (yes, a lot of respect!). Wether you like it or not, the tour is a must-do!

If you want to know more about bullfighting in Seville, read about it in our blogpost “Bullfighting! What you should know before judging”.


After the tour you’re probably in for some more tapas. When you get out of the arena, turn to your left. If you walk a 100 meters or so, you’ll see the Torre del Oro on your right side. There on your left, there are some very good options to get a lunch, in the ambiance of Seville. Pick a tapas bar, share some tapas, enjoy each other and enjoy Seville.

If you don’t find anything you like, go to the cathedral, more specifically to the “calle Rodrigo Caro” in “Barrio Santa Cruz”. This is the street you ate yesterday (if you followed the itinerary). You can easily get there on foot and there they have a ton of different options. Without a doubt you’ll find something you like there.

Flamenco show

Flamenco dancer.

A must in your 2 day visit to Seville is a Flamenco show. This is a traditional Spanish dance and a must-do when you are in Seville. As you are only staying for a short while and a lot of the tourism in Seville is located around Barrio Santa Cruz, I picked two places which are close to that there. If you would like to know more places to go and watch this typical dance, read our blogpost about it.

The two great places to go are Casa de la Memoria and Casa del Flamenco. Both are located in the city center of Seville and offer great choices to go see a Flamenco show. Both places offer a traditional experience with very talented artists. Depending on where you are, you can decide to which one you go. Casa de la Memoria is located near Las Setas and Casa del Flamenco is in Barrio Santa Cruz. The two best tips I can give are: Go on time, have a drink and get ready to enjoy the show, because sometimes these venues can be quite full and have respect, as people in Seville are very proud of their city, traditions and culture. If you would like to know more about this traditional dance, read about it in our upcoming posts.

Dinner and drinks

In Seville there are ton of amazing places to get dinner. To get to know the best places to eat during your stay in Seville, check out our article “Top 10 Best Tapas Bars in Seville”. The same goes for where you can get drinks. The best places depend on how your visit is, with who you’re in Seville and of course what you like to eat. So look into this via my article “Top xxx Best Bars in Seville”. Here I wrote about all the amazing locations, rooftop bars, traditional and modern bars Seville has to offer. There is something for everyone.

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