Top 10 best tapas bars in Seville

The food in Seville is amazing. Although Seville is still somewhat traditional, you can find something to eat for everybody. But when you visit Seville, obviously you should eat tapas at least once. Because tapas are Seville and Seville is tapas. Almost every time I go out to eat with friends we share tapas. Almost never does someone order their own plate. I love it, because every time, you’re able to try new foods and pick several dishes. And if you don’t like them, not a problem, because you’re all sharing. Somebody will like it. Read on to know which are the top 5 best tapas bars in Seville.

There are several types of tapas bars in Seville. You have the very traditional ones like “El Rinconcillo”, “Los Coloniales”, “Bodega Santa Cruz Las Columnas” and “Bar Alfalfa”, but you also have the ones with a modern twist like “Duo Tapas” and “El Perro Viejo”. When you want a quick bite to eat, but still want very delicious tapas, there are even a couple of typical spanish foodchains like “100 Montaditos” and “Cervecería La Sureña”.

Read on to get to know more about all these amazing tapas bars.

Traditional tapas bars

El Rinconcillo. Open sinds 1670 and oldest tapas bar in Seville.

#1 El Rinconcillo

The first tapas bar on this list is already a special one. El Rinconcillo is the oldest tapas bar in all of Seville and is definitely worth a visit. The tapas bar, which opened in 1670 (!), is located near las Setas de Sevilla at Plaza de la Encarnación (read more about the setas here). What can you expect from El Rinconcillo? The most traditional Sevillan home made tapas. Think about gambas, tortilla’s, different types of meat, the typical (ibérico) ham and my personal favorite the croquetas. There are a lot of different croquetas, but definitely try the “Croquetas de cola de toro”. The bull tail variety is typical of Seville and taste amazing!

The adres: Calle Gerona 40

#2 Bodega de Santa Cruz Las Columnas

The second tapas bar is my personal favorite. A traditional tapas bar, located in the middle of Barrio Santa Cruz. It is called Bodega de Santa Cruz Las Columnas. Often (especially on Thursdays, Fridays and weekends) you will find this little bodega packed with locals, who are all enjoying a beer and some tapas after work. Like in El Rinconcillo all the staples of Seville are there, but definitely try a Pringa! These little sandwiches are typical for Seville and are filled with two different types of meat. The combination tastes very special, but also very good. Every time I go to Bodega Santa Cruz, this is the first tapa I order (probably even the second). Also don’t forget to tip the waiters. The chances are very big that they will ring the tipping bell, yell they got a tip through the whole bar and throw the money into a bucket high up in the air. A bit like basketball with tips ;).

The adres: Rodrigo Caro 1

#3 & #4 Taberna Coloniales and Bar Alfalfa

If you’ve visited these two tapas bars and still can’t get enough of the traditional, local kitchen, than definitely go to “Taberna Coloniales” or “Bar Alfalfa”. These restaurant are known by every Sevillano and loved by most. Just be prepared to push your way, through a busy crowd, towards the bar. It’s not what most of us are used to, but it’s definitely the traditional way. And, it is also definitely worth it.

Another plus that Bar Alfalfa has to offer is that it also offers gluten free, vegan or vegetarian options. So for those with a particular diet, this bar is a recommendation.

The adresses: Calle Fernández y González 38 (the city center one, near cathedral) and  Calle Candilejo 1

Tapas with a modern twist

#5 & #6 El Perro Viejo and Duo Tapas

Sevilla is a still a very authentic city with an amazing culinary culture. If you feel like exploring a bit, after eating a lot of the traditional food but still want to eat local, then go to “Duo Tapas” or “El Perro Viejo” (literally translated: “The Old Dog”). 

These two tapas bars/restaurants have embraced the traditional dishes of Spain/Seville and have given them a modern twist. You can expect the usual tapas combined with new ingredients and a lot of international influences. When you feel like having some drinks, you could for example try the mini beer tasting experience at Duo Tapas. They will give you 6 small beers from different countries to enjoy. 

When you go to these two, make sure you go on time. Usually people from Sevilla eat really late, at around 22.00. If you are there at least an hour earlier, you’ll always have a table. Of course you could also reserve beforehand.

The adres of El Perro Viejo is Calle Arguijo 3 and of Duo Tapas it is Calle Calatrava 10

Spanish chains of tapas

At Cervecería La Sureña, next to “Las Setas” at Plaza de la Encarnacion 1.

#9 Cervecería La Sureña

If you want a quick bite to eat and also amazingly tasty food go to a Cervecería La Sureña. There are several of these restaurants across Seville. They are a chain of restaurants that offer typical food quickly, tasty and at a good (fast food type) price. Every time I go there, I order the “alitas de polo”, some type of fried chicken strips, with their amazing peanut/honey/lemon sauce. Believe me… it is amazing! Check out the pictures underneath to see my all-time favorite dishes here.

Adress: Plaza de la Encarnación 1 (Built under the Setas, on the right side)

#10 100 Montaditos

Finally a last great option to go, when you are really hungry, don’t have much time, want to have a really cheap and tasty meal, or all of the above, is “100 Montaditos”. This is a Spanish food chain as well. The name translates to “hundred sandwiches”, almost literally what you can eat there. Also, if you have had enough of all the Spanish food and want some less traditional options, 100 Motaditas is perfect. When you enter, just write down what you want (on the paper available at every table), bring the paper to the cash register, pay and wait until they call your name. Now just sit back and enjoy your very cheap and very tasty meal.

Adress: Nine different locations across Seville. The one at Calle Martín Villa 4 is 200 meters away from Las Setas.

If you want to know more about what to do in Seville? Don’t hesitate to send me a message or read about it here:

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